Certifications Policy

At Gem & Hue, we prioritize transparency and uphold the highest standards in providing lab-grown diamond jewelry. Our certification policy is designed to ensure that you have complete confidence in the authenticity and quality of your purchase.

  • Certified Center Stones:

    • Certificates from Renowned Institutions: Gem & Hue exclusively offers certificates from esteemed institutions like GIA (Gemological Institute of America) or IGI (International Gemological Institute) for all center stones.
    • Online Traceability: All center stone certificates are easily traceable online, allowing you to verify specific details and authenticate the origin of your lab-grown diamond.
  • Applicability Across Collections:

    • This certification policy applies to all collections on our website, including rings, earrings, and pendants.
  • Three Stone Engagement Ring Setting:

    • In a three-stone engagement ring setting, the certification will be provided exclusively for the center stone, emphasizing our commitment to ensuring the quality and authenticity of the primary gem.
  • Certification Criteria:

    • Certificates Available for Stones Above 0.5 Carats: Certificates are provided for center stones with a weight exceeding 0.5 carats.
    • Availability Note: In some cases, particularly for center stones below 0.9 carats, certificates might not be readily available.
    • Additional Processing Time: If a certificate is not readily available, an additional processing time of approximately 7-10 days will apply, in addition to our standard processing time of 15-20 days. This ensures that each certification process meets the stringent standards set by Gem & Hue.

Gem & Hue is committed to delivering the finest lab-grown diamond jewelry with complete transparency and authenticity. For any inquiries or further clarification, please contact us at info@gemandhue.com. Thank you for choosing Gem & Hue for your lab-grown diamond jewelry needs.